Thaumatin is a proteinaceous multifunctional food ingredient contained in the fruits of the plant Thaumatococcus Danielli, which grows in the tropical rain forest areas of West Africa & Central African Republic.

Thaumatin is the sweetest natural substance available now. The approximate sweetness of Thaumatin is 3000 times that of sugar . More over it is a protein. As it needs to be used in ppm levels only in any application, virtually it imparts zero calories only. Thaumatin is a completely natural product, extracted from fruits by physical water based extraction.

Overview Of Worldwide Regulatory Status

  • Thaumatin is  approved by the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) (1985) and by the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF) of the European Commission (1988) – now the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
  • Thaumatin is listed in Table III of the Codex General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA) which means that it is permitted for use in food in general, unless otherwise specified, in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
  • Thaumatin is authorised in the EU as a sweetener under Directive 94/35/EC and as a flavour enhancer in chewing-gum, beverages and desserts under Directive 95/2/EC. Thaumatin is also approved in all applications in Europe as a “flavour preparation”
  • Approval exists in Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and further approval is being sought elsewhere.
  • In India it is approved by FSSAI (E 957)
  • Thaumatin is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) by the FDA  in the USA

Properties of Thaumatin

  • Thaumatin is a flavour enhancer
  • It is masking agent.
  • Thaumatin is also a sweetener, synergistic when combined with other low-calorie sweeteners.
  • Thaumatin is approximately 3000 times sweeter than sugar.
  • It needs to be used in ppm levels only in any application and therefore effectively imparts zero calories.
  • It is a protein, hence easily gets digested in the body
  • Thaumatin is heat & pH stable
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